MCPS evaluation software

Convenient visualisation of measuring data

With the MCPS evaluation software, measuring data provided by the Watch32Com data logger can be visualised, analysed and documented.

You can flexibly configure the graphical visualisation of the measurements. Several channels can either be displayed in a diagram or under one another in up to five screen segments. This makes it easier to differentiate between the measured values and determine any dependencies. Using the window structure, one channel can also be compared with itself at different times (e.g. during the course of a day, during the course of a week).

Extensive functions

Various tools, such as zoom functions and cursor, are available. In addition, the software offers statistical functions, such as minimum value, maximum value, average value and standard deviation.

The group manager offers the option of combining channels into groups, whereby one channel can also belong to several groups. The groups can be selected directly in the graphics window, making quick analysis of the data easier. In addition, it is quick and easy to compare various channels.

Documentation of the measuring data

For documentation purposes, the measuring data can be printed as a graphic or in reports as well as saved in file format (bmp, jpg).

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