Watch32Com data logger

Datenlogger Watch32Com

Channels of the Watch32Com data logger

The Watch32Com data logger is used to measure process factors (e.g. pressure, temperature, humidity, filling level, power, path) and energy data (e.g. electricity meter, gas meter, water meter, performance). The device has digital and analogue inputs in order to record impulses and standard signals (0-10V, 4-20mA).

Multi-channel and decentralised measurements

The Watch32Com is a multi-channel data logger, which can be expanded by way of modules to include up to 32 channels. Using modules, it can also be used as a temperature logger (Pt100 or thermal elements).

In the same way, decentralised measured variables can be recorded, as the modules are coupled together using Ethernet. This reduces the installation costs, as existing networks can be used.

Other technical characteristics

The device is equipped with a PowerPC with Linux operating system and has an Ethernet interface. The logger can be operated and parameterised easily using a browser. The measuring data is stored on the internal memory (up to 32 GB) of the device.

Using the integrated RS485 interface, sensors with Modbus protocol can be connected and read.

Evaluation of the measuring data

The data can be manually or automatically transferred to a PC or server from the data logger. It is also possible to transfer to an FTP server.

Evaluation software is available for the Watch32Com data logger, which graphically and clearly displays the measurements.

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