Turbine governors

Turbinenregler WA-PID-V

Walcher develops its own turbine governors

Walcher has decades of experience in the field of control technology for hydropower stations. This supports us in the development of our own digital turbine governors. As part of the software, the turbine governors are integrated into the SPS programme to control the hydropower plant. The governors can be used irrespective of turbine type, as they are universally adaptable.

Modular structure of the turbine governor

The turbine governor is available in various designs, depending of the desired scope of service. The core is made up of a water level regulator based on a PID regulator. The governor controls the entire start-up and rundown procedure for any type of turbine.

Various modules are available for our turbine governors:

  • Speed controller to synchronise synchronous machines or for isolated operation
  • Voltage and power factor regulator as variable for external excitation devices
  • OWQ control
  • Output regulator, e.g. for hydropeaking
  • Feed-in management
  • Optimisation control (joint control) to operate several machines with an optimal degree of efficiency
  • Sequence control
  • Chamber optimisation for cross-flow turbines
  • Control of the A0-Phi connection with up to 10 failure envelopes
  • Rinsing for Kaplan turbines
  • Cascaded level adjustment
  • Disturbance variable compensations

The turbine governor is parameterised using a process visualisation system / SCADA system and is also possible via remote access using a PC.

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Turbine governors

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