Small series to individual pieces are our strength

Due to our flexible production, we can also provide special productions within very short periods of time. We are happy to advise you.

Universal Steuertransformator WA-U250Handlampentransformator WA-HTLeiterplattentransformator WA-EE20

Made in Germany

Our transformers are exclusively produced and inspected in our production hall in Eichenzell. As a result, we can guarantee you a high level of quality, which is achieved through the following properties:

  • Vacuum application of impregnating resin
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • High-quality, low-loss materials
  • Optimal withstand voltage
  • Low self-heating
  • Individual piece inspection
Absatz Ende

Made in Germany

Absatz Ende

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Absatz Ende


For this product you can download the following files:

Prospekt Transformatoren (PDF) 751kB

Absatz Ende