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Walcher enjoys a small celebration

1000. Netzregler

The manufacture and delivery of the 1000th voltage regulator was the cause of a small, spontaneously organised company party at Walcher.

hour of birth of voltage regulator

The senior partner, Hartmut Walcher reported that the idea for the voltage regulator came up in 1959 during a sales pitch by his father, the company founder Friedrich Walcher, at Pfalzwerke AG.

Progressive and innovative engineers at Pfalzwerke AG at that time encouraged Friedrich Walcher to take the step of going into business on his own in order to introduce the first voltage regulators into low-voltage overhead transmission networks, meaning the high investment costs for classic grid expansion could be saved.

The voltage regulator was the supporting pillar in the turnover of Walcher until the end of the 1970s. As a result of ever intensifying grid expansion, production of the voltage regulator came to a virtual standstill.

today's application - views

Since the energy turnaround, the voltage regulator has become a standard product for many major energy suppliers as a result of the increasingly decentralised feed-in of power, especially by photovoltaic systems.

Hartmut Walcher considers the future for the further use of voltage regulators to be very optimistic, as the problem of the necessary grid expansion is currently a topical issue for all energy suppliers and is even pointed out regularly in daily newspapers.

Walcher is convinced that there will be increasing use for its voltage regulator over the next 10-20 years due to the necessary grid expansion and conversion.

The photo shows the staff grouped around the 1000th voltage regulator, which is being supplied to RWE. The two managing directors, Thomas and Hartmut Walcher are on the far left and right of the picture respectively.

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