Using regenerative energies

Renewable energies play an ever more important role in providing energy for industry and households. Many consumers today purchase green power from regenerative energies in order to contribute to the economical use of raw materials.

Hydropower is the oldest form of renewable energy

Energy from hydropower has been produced for over 100 years. Hydroelectric power plants are the pioneers of regenerative energy because they produce green power in the cleanest form. Hydropower no longer has the percental proportion of generated renewable energy as two decades ago, but normally delivers a highly consistent energy band 24 hours a day, in comparison with wind turbines.

To produce energy using hydropower, various power plant designs and individually projected plant control systems are required due to the geographical differences.

Individual planning is needed for every power station

The variety of different turbines, waterwheels and spiral pumps with the necessary ancillary equipment, such as generators, rack cleaning machinery, dam shutters, air vanes, sluices, watergates, fish passes, etc., can make considerable planning effort necessary with regard to the control engineering and control tasks to be implemented, if importance is attached to operational reliability and optimal yield of green power.

Walcher offers many years of experience in the field of hydropower

Walcher has been reactivating hydropower stations for over 50 years and has developed its own turbine governors for Kaplan turbines, Francis turbines, cross-flow turbines, weir controls, etc., for large and small power station control systems.

Yield increases through intelligent controls for hydro electric power plants

Efficiency improvements of hydropower stations, taking into account all components, can increase the generated “water energy” by double figures through intelligent control technology alone.

Use our more than 50 years of experience to fully exploit the renewable energy available to you to your advantage.