Energiemanagementsystem WA-EM04

Our WA-EM04 energy management system

No major energy consumer should be lacking an increase in energy efficiency by using a modern energy management system.

With its WA-EM04 energy management system, Walcher has developed a modular, upgradable system, which can be individually and thus cost-effectively configured to a huge range of tasks in trade and industry.

Saving energy is the route with the highest effectiveness. However, this can only be realised up to a certain pain threshold. At the same time as energy saving, further costs can normally be clearly reduced, especially in energy procurement, through a good energy management system.

Effectiveness of the WA-EM04 energy management system

The WA-EM04 energy management system receives the meter data from the electricity meter and the ¼ h synchronizing pulse for the timing cycle and extrapolates the expected current peaks continuously and in an up-to-date manner on the basis of this data using intelligent software.

If the extrapolation of the current performance peak by the energy management system shows an exceeding of the predefined maximum, specified consumers are temporarily turned off in order to prevent exceeding that would otherwise be looming. In doing this, predefined parameters such as the sequence of consumers, maximum connection and deactivation times, physical “disturbance variables”, such as temperature, pressure, quantities, etc. are taken into account.

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