Voltage regulators

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Principle of the voltage regulator

Voltage regulators automatically adjust the voltage fluctuations in long cables on a low-voltage level within approx. 300 milliseconds. They are currently manufactured for outputs between 34 kVA and 1000 kVA.

Voltage increases caused by decentralised generators

As a result of the ever-growing increase of decentralised feed-in electricity producers, such as photovoltaic plants, wind turbines, hydropower plants, biogas power stations, combined heat and power generation, the problem of the voltage increases produced in the circuits within our supply networks is becoming greater and greater.

In addition, a voltage drop in cables or wiring caused by growing energy consumption is automatically compensated, individually for each phase, by the voltage regulator within approx. 300 milliseconds.

Cost savings due to the use of voltage regulators

By using voltage regulators, expensive investments for the construction of transformer stations, combined with the additional construction of new medium-voltage cables, can be avoided or delayed for a number of years.

As voltage regulators can be assembled and dismantled easily and cost-effective, they can also be relocated to another site if required, whereby the risk of bad planning caused by retrospective, unplanned mains conversion is virtually zero.

Compliance with the necessary voltage tolerances

The VDE-AR-N 4105 stipulates, among other things, that the permitted voltage rise must not amount to more than 3% of the nominal voltage at the connection points in mains, into which power is fed-in. This requirement can be realised economically in many cases using voltage regulation by means of voltage regulators.

Alternatives to variable local mains transformers

Variable local mains transformers are currently the buzz word in the electricity supply industry. As an alternative, WALCHER can offer its voltage regulators, which are activated without any major alteration to the transformer station directly behind the local mains transformer in the 400 V outlet. The voltage regulator also adjusts the 400 V voltage in all three phases individually to +- 1% of the nominal voltage. If there is no regulating requirement, the voltage regulator does not produce any losses with the exception of the measuring equipment, as the unnecessary step transformers are short-circuited.

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